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It is always important to plan your travel. However some trips are unplanned and spontaneous. In both the cases it is essential to have a checklist to avoid the below mistakes commonly made by travelers.


1> Forgetting to Buy a Service Plan for Your Phone – All it takes is a shocking phone bill to realize how costly this mistake is. So contact your service provider to inquire about roaming charges and data packs. If you’re travelling for a longer period of time, you may also choose to buy a local number of the country to save on calling cost.


2> Not dressing up to suit the occasion – You should be wearing what you are most comfortable into to enjoy your travel the most. At the same time, you must also take care of any cultural restrictions of the places you are planning to visit. Many religious places, temples etc may not allow you inside if you are not dressed up as per the policy of that place. Fitting in is not giving in, it’s showing respect for another culture.


3> Assuming your passport is valid until it expires – Many countries require the passports to be valid at least for six months after the date you plan to exit their borders. So make sure you read the rules from the government website and be safe than sorry.


4> Traveling without insurance – Preparing for the worst is never an unnecessary expense. Travellers often aren’t aware of the high medical costs overseas, which can quickly reach tens of thousands of dollars. It’s essential that you buy the most comprehensive policy that suits your needs and activities. Because trouble don’t announce & come

5> Not informing the credit card company of your foreign travel plans – A sudden foreign transaction may alarm your credit card company as a potential fraud and they may not approve the transaction until they confirm its genuine and done by you only. To avoid such inconvenience, you must inform the credit card company about your travel plan in advance. Also ensure that you carry some local currency rather than being fully dependent on credit card.


6> Over packing– It’s an irresistible temptation to carry different outfits for different occasions. So you end up filling your luggage upto the maximum capacity. But you are bound to shop during your travel, because you would want to bring back the best things of that place as well as some memorable souvenirs.  So do consider this while you pack and keep space for local shopping.


7> Not prioritizing the list of activities to do /places to cover – Do not try to cover each and every attraction of a place. Because you will need sometime to soak up the best of what each destination has to offer and really experience it rather than just striking it off you’re your checklist. So make sure you do some online research about the place and prepare a priority list and cover the places in that sequence.


8> Not checking the weather condition before making plan – Consider reaching Goa in rainy season expecting a big party, or London in winters or Rajasthan in summer. You are bound to be disappointed. So make sure you check the weather conditions before planning to visit any place.


9> Not having enough time between 2 flights – Give yourself few extra hours between flights to allow for any possible “delay” scenario. Even if all goes well, you will get time to mingle with locals  and also some time to plan your travel ahead.


10> Not keeping a copy of important documents – With everything accessible on mobile, we sometime forget to keep a hard copy of our documents. But think if your mobile is discharged or stolen. You must have all your documents hardcopy – Passport, ticket, emergency contacts, hotel address etc



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