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One of most amazing structures on earth has been the tall and strong buildings witnessing the modern engineering techniques. Travel Advisor showcases here the top 10 tallest buildings around the world that are worth the visit.

10 – International Commerce Center, Hongkong
It is a 108-storey, 484 meters commercial skyscraper completed in 2010. A five-star hotel occupies top 6 floors with the world’s highest swimming pool and bar located on the top floor


9 – Shanghai World Financial Center, China
It is 101-storey and 492 meters high. The most distinctive feature in the design is the trapezoid aperture at the peak built to reduce the stress of wind pressure.

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8 – Taipei 101, Taiwan
This landmark structure was officially classified as the world’s tallest in 2004. Construction of this 101-story, 509 meters tower was completed in 2004.


7 – CTF Finance Centre, China
Completed in 2016, CTF Finance Centre has a height of 530 metres with 111 floors. The building is used as a conference centre, hotel, observatory, mall and office building.










6 – Freedom Tower, USA
Also known as One World Trade Center, this is the main building of the rebuilt World Trade Center complex in New York with 104 Floors and 541 meters.


5 – Lotte World Tower, South Korea
This building has 123-floors and is 555-meter high. It has finished external construction in March 2016.










4 – Ping An Finance Centre, China
It is a 115-story, 599 meters tall skyscraper. The building was commissioned by Ping An Insurance and designed by the American architectural firm Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates.


3 – Abraj Al Bait, Saudi Arabia
The Tower is a government-owned megatall building complex in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. These towers has 120 floors and is 601 meters in height, the central hotel building has the world’s largest clock face.


2 – Shanghai Tower , China
This skyscraper is located in Shanghai and is 632 metres high with 128 stories. Its tiered construction, designed for high energy efficiency, provides multiple separate zones for office, retail and leisure use.


1 – Burj Khalifa, Dubai
At present this is the tallest structure in the world, standing at 829.8 m and having 163 floors. It is designed to be the centrepiece of large-scale, mixed-use development.

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